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梅林公園 Mie

At Bairin Park , Inabe City Agricultural Park , in the northern part of Mie Prefecture, the Tokai area’s largest 100 types and 4,000 plums bloom.

In fact, Bairin Park, where beautiful plum blossoms bloom, is a place that is not well known to the Japanese.
Few foreigners know Bairin Park.

Please come and experience the new charm of Japan at such a secret spot.
Enjoy the plum blossoms at a hidden spot while overlooking the vast Suzuka Mountains.

Bairin Park in Mie Prefecture

You can enjoy 100 types and 4,000 plum blossoms at Bairin Park.

This is a view that can only be seen from the end of February to the end of March.
You can also see the Suzuka Mountains with snow cover at this time.
The contrast between about 4,000 colorful plum blossoms and the Suzuka Mountains is a highlight.

4,000 colorful plum blossoms and the Suzuka Mountains

There is also an observation point and there are shooting points where you can take photos.
It ’s expected to be crowded, so be sure to keep a nice piece of memory!

Of course, the panoramic view from far away is wonderful, but if you look at each plum blossom as you walk through the park, there are only 100 types, and you can enjoy the color that seems to suit the light and pretty words that differ in color and shape.

Opening hours
Bairin Park: 9: 00-16: 00

Adult: 500 yen
Elementary school students and younger: Free

Bairin Park Location

Bairin Park is located in Mie Prefecture.

The nearby Japanese city is Nagoya.
The nearest airport to Nagoya is Chubu Centrair International Airport.

Access to Bairin Park

This time, I will introduce how to get to Bairin Park from Nagoya Station, the largest station in Nagoya.

Kinki Railway, Nagoya Station
→ Kinki Railway, Kuwana Station
→ Sangi Railway Hokusei Line, Nishi Kuwana Station
→ Ageki Station

After getting off at Ageki Station, you will arrive in about 20 minutes by taxi.

Take a break at a hot spring near Bairin Park

 If you are tired of walking to see the plum, how about Ajisai-Sato?

You can relieve your tired body in a flowing alkaline hot spring, enjoy the feeling of openness in an open-air bath, or sweat in a sauna!
Why don’t you try it according to your plan!

You can enjoy it even when it is not the time of plum blossoms

Bairin Park can be enjoyed even when it is not at the time of plum blossoms.
Blueberry hunting is held from late July to early August.

Of course we recommend the plum blossom season, but why don’t you visit other seasons and enjoy many events and flowers!


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