What is the Best way to travel from “Tokyo” to “Nagoya”?


There are “Shinkansen”, “Express bus” and “JR conventional line” as ways of transportation from Tokyo to Nagoya.
Compare the fares and travel times for these modes of transportation.


If you want to move quickly to Nagoya, you should use the Shinkansen.
The travel time from Tokyo to Nagoya is 3 hours by “Kodama”, and 1.5 hours by “Nozomi”.

Shinkansen tickets cost 10,560 yen for unreserved seats and about 11,000 yen for reserved seats.
It costs over 20,000 yen for a round trip.
By the way, the fee for unreserved seats is the same for “Kodama”, “Hikari” and “Nozomi”.

However, there is an early reservation ticket only for members of the online reservation service.

Reserved seats for “Kodama” are 8,050 yen one way. However, there are restrictions such as use by two or more people, making a reservation at least 3 days before the boarding date.
Reserved seat for “Nozomi” is 8,960 yen one way. However, you need to make a reservation at least 3 weeks before the boarding date.

Please note that early discount tickets are not sold during busy hours or busy periods.

Express bus

Anyway, if you want to go cheap, a highway bus is recommended.
Depending on the time and bus type, you can get on the cheapest one-way 2,000 yen !!

It is also convenient to have several places to get on and off, such as bus stops along Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and highways as well as Tokyo Station.

However, it takes 6 to 8 hours, so it is a transportation way for people who can afford it.

Cheap buses have narrow seats or no toilet in the car.
In addition, we recommend that you make a reservation as it may be full depending on the season.

JR conventional line

How much can we get by using a conventional JR line?
If you do not use the Shinkansen or limited express, you can use it only with a ticket, so the cost is 6,380 yen.

However, even if you make a smooth transfer, it will take more than 6 hours and you will need to change the trains more than twice.

What is the best way to travel from Tokyo to Nagoya?

If you have enough time and want to go to Nagoya as cheaply as possible, “Express Bus” is recommended.
On the other hand, if you want to travel comfortably and reduce travel time, the Shinkansen is recommended.


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