Chiyoho Inari Shrine | Near Nagoya


Do you know Chiyoho Inari Shrine?

Chiyoho Inari Shrine is an Inari Shrine in Kaizu City, Gifu Prefecture.
It is also famous for the “Tsukinami Festival” held throughout the night from the end of the month to the dawn of the next day. Many shops are open until the morning.

This time, we will introduce Chiyoho Inari Shrine !

Chiyoho Inari Shrine

This shrine is popular as one of Japan’s three largest inaris, with benefits for prosperous business and improved fortune.

Rules of worship

1. Purchase Aburaage and candle (50 yen as a set) at the entrance of the shrine

2. Light the candle in toumyou place(toumyouba).

3. Offer Abraage to the worship hall and put money in the saisen box!

The approach road to Chiyoho Inari Shrine

There are many shops on this road.
Here are some of my recommended shops!

Kushikatsu Tamaya

This is a skewer cutlet shop!

This is in the store. It ’s golden.

Yamato Honten

This is a catfish restaurant that is rare in Japan.

Tsukinami Festival

The Tsukinami Festival, which takes place from the end of every month to the first day of the following month, is crowded from morning to night.

お千代保稲荷 月並祭 串カツ(岐阜県海津市)

It’s so much fun, so please go there.



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