Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Factory | Near Nagoya


There are Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan and Tokai Factory in Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture. Coca-Cola drinks are loved by people around the world.
At the Tokai Factory, you can see the Coca-Cola drinks being produced free of charge.

Renewed in 2016, the interior is more American.
In addition, the tour contents have been redesigned to be more experiential.
Popular content has also been introduced at the authentic Atlanta Museum.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Factory Highlights

At the Tokai Factory, you can see how the “Coca-Cola” products we drink are being made one after another.
In addition to tours of the production lanes, visitors can also watch DVDs and exhibits that show the history of Coca-Cola and the evolution of bottles.

There are plenty of points to enjoy from children to adults such as tasting Coca-Cola products and souvenirs.
In addition, “Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan” offers a fun introduction to the local community and the global environment.

Source: いこーよ

An American diner-style space that recreates the atmosphere of the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, USA.
Since it is popular for taking pictures like a postcard, try to devise a composition.

Before actually visiting the factory, there is a lecture about the history of Coca-Cola and the manufacturing mechanism.

What is the origin of Coca-Cola?
How do you make Coca-Cola different from similar products?
Are there any types of plastic bottles?

When asked, adults do not know anything.

After the lecture, it is a factory tour.

Free time after the lecture and factory tour.
After the renewal in 2016, the content will be specialized in the experience type, and interactive games and quizzes are available on the second floor.

“Bubble Booth” is a popular experience in Atlanta’s “World of Coca-Cola” where you can feel like you’re in a carbonic bubble.
It is very fun to try various poses with one person as well as multiple people.

Source: いこーよ

You can also take a Coca-Cola test.
Because there are trivia and trapping problems, it is difficult for adults to pass one shot!
With the first grade, you can download original wallpaper for your smartphone.

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Factory opening hours and fees

Implementation date

Monday to Friday, public holidays (excluding factory holidays)
1st time 10: 00 ~
2st time 13: 00-
3rd time 15: 30-

※Please come 10 minutes before the start.

Implementation time: About 50 minutes

Free and Note

Fee: Free

Reservation by phone is required.
phone number : 052-602-0413

You can make a reservation 2 months in advance.

※Please apply at least one week before the desired date.

Access to Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Factory

Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai factory can be reached in 45 minutes from Nagoya.
If you are coming from Tokyo or Osaka, please come to Nagoya by Shinkansen first.

Go to Meitetsu / Nawa Station from Meitetsu / Nagoya Station by Meitetsu Train. (350 yen, 25 minutes)
Get off at Nawa Station and arrive at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Tokai Factory in 20 minutes on foot.


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