“FLIGHT OF DREAMS” in Chubu Centrair International Airport | Near Nagoya


“FLIGHT OF DREAMS” is a playable airplane theme park at Chubu Centrair International Airport near Nagoya.

There is an area where you can have fun learning about airplanes while experiencing.
There are restaurants and shops, and it is a popular facility that can be enjoyed all day long, from children to adults, as well as airplane fans and travel enthusiasts.

How to enjoy “FLIGHT OF DREAMS”?

The actual aircraft of the first Boeing 787 (ZA001), which is currently active in the air around the world, is on display.

About 35% of the Boeing 787 aircraft are produced in the Chubu region.
The Chubu region is home to the aviation industry, and Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, where the Chubu International Airport is located, is the birthplace of the Japanese aviation industry.

Not only the aircraft, but also the Rolls-Royce engine and the Bridgestone tires are very large and overwhelming.

This ZA001 is the first flight to commemorate the world’s aviation history, which flew for the first time from Painefield Airport in Everett, suburb of Seattle, USA on December 15, 2009.

You can visit Flight Deck.

In addition, you can experience as if you were in the Boeing Everett Factory (outside Seattle, USA).
The state of the assembly factory is reproduced in the video, and you can know until the airplane is completed.

There is content produced by the world-famous ultra technologist group “Team Lab”.

A video and sound show using the aircraft and the entire building will be held every 30 minutes.
A powerful and beautiful show is a must-see.

Content that allows you to experience the work of airlines.

There is only this “Boeing store” outside the United States.
We sell about 500 items such as official merchandise and original merchandise exclusive to this store, as well as objects and furniture that use real aircraft parts that excite aviation fans.

There are also Seattle Seattle restaurants.
Cheese, soup, pizza, pasta and other special restaurants are available.

If you purchase at the food court, you can dine while watching the Boeing 787.

The photos are taken from LINE TRAVEL.


  • Opening hours
    • 10:00 to 17:00(Until 19:00 every Saturday)
  • Entrance fee
    • junior high school students and older:1,200 yen
    • From 3 years old to elementary school 6th grade:800 yen

It can be reached within 1 hour from Nagoya Station.


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