Too beautiful river and waterfall “Fudo Falls” | Near Nagoya


This time, I went to “Fudo Falls” in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.
Gifu Prefecture is the prefecture next to Aichi Prefecture, which has Nagoya City.

“Fudo Falls” is a waterfall upstream of “Tsukechi River”.
It is famous for its beautiful water!

This time, I will introduce “Fudo Falls”!


This is the parking lot in front of the entrance.
Access is difficult because it is in the mountains.
This view is your destination.

This is the entrance to “Fudo Falls”.
The hut on the right is a restaurant and souvenir shop.
I introduce here before go to “Fudo Falls”.

Restaurant and Souvenir shop “Fudo Taki Hirotsugi “

Here, you can eat Japanese countryside meals.
There are also souvenirs that cannot be seen at famous tourist spots.

Do you know “Nagashi somen”?
Here, you can eat it.
If you want to know about “Nagashi Somen”, please watch this video↓.
Or search “Nagashi Somen”.

This is “Iwana” grilled with salt.

This is “Sashimi” of “Iwana”. Sashimi is a raw food.

Usually, “Sashimi” is not river fish.
But this reiver is too clean.
So this river fish can become “Sashimi”.

Fudo Falls

This is the view from the entrance.
If you go down here, there is a waterfall.

There was a suspension bridge on the way.

It’s a waterfall! The water is so clean!
You can see the bottom of the river.

It is a river around “Fudo Falls”.
The water is also very beautiful here!

There was also a campsite in the vicinity.
You can stay and barbecue here.
The name of this campsite is “Miyajima camp jo”.
Use requires a reservation. This is the campsite homepage.
(* Because the homepage is in Japanese, translation is required)


Nagoya Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line JR (about 1 hour)” ⇒ Nakatsugawa Station ⇒ Bus(about 1 hour) ⇒ Tsukechikyo ⇒ Walk(about 1 hour) ⇒Fudo Falls (Fudotaki←Japanese)

This is the bus timetable from Nakatsugawa Station.

This is the bus timetable from Tsukechikyo.

If you get lost, ask the people “Fudotaki ha dokodesuka”.(←Where is Fudo Falls?)
“Bas tei ha dokodesuka”(←Where is bus stop?)


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