Furaibo | Nagoya


Do you know “Furaibo”?

Furaibo is Nagoya’s tebasaki restaurant.
Tebasaki is Nagoya’s famous food that is fried chicken wing with sauce.

Nagoya’s famous fried chicken wings, now one of its most popular foods, started out as an idea at a restaurant way back in 1965, which had piles and piles of discarded chicken wings that nobody thought to use. These were reimagined them into a mouthwatering new dish, which made it to the restaurant’s menu, and thus the wings were born.

This time, I will introduce “Fraibo” !


This is a Tebasaki. (5 pieces→450 yen)

It looks delicious if you eat with alcohol.

Other menus

Tarzan yaki

Tarzan yaki is a fried half baby chicken with a sauce. (1 piece→950 yen)

This is “Tarzan yaki”.


This is Fraibo’s “Tenpura”. (1 plate→850 yen)

Miso Katsu

Miso katsu is a pork cutlet with miso sauce.
It is also Nagoya’s famous food.

This is “Miso Katsu”.

Teba gyoza

This is “Teba gyoza”. (5 piece→375 yen)



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