The Great Buddha of Gifu | Near Nagoya


Do you know “The Great Buddha of Gifu”?

“The Great Buddha of Nara” is popular among tourists coming to Japan.
In fact, “The Great Buddha of Gifu” is one of the three largest Buddhas in Japan, as is “The Great Buddha of Nara”.

What is “The Great Buddha of Gifu”?

“The Great Buddha of Gifu” is designated as an important cultural property.
The height of the Great Buddha is about 13.7m, and it is powerful with gold leaf.

The great Buddha in Japan is famous for “The Great Buddha of Nara”.
However, although not surprisingly known, “The Great Buddha of Gifu” is one of the three great Buddhas in Japan.
It took 38 years and was completed in 1832.

How to enjoy “The Great Buddha of Gifu”

“The Great Buddha of Gifu” is in a temple called “Shobo Temple”.


“Shobo Temple” is a wooden 3-story building with a height of 25.15m.
Behind you can see Gifu Prefecture’s symbol “Kinka-mountain”.


The Great Buddha shines in the sunlight from the skylight.
It is a very fantastic sight.

You can see around the Great Buddha and go around it.


This Great Buddha is made of bamboo and clay, and a paper with a text is pasted on it, and lacquer and gold leaf are applied on it.
Therefore, the inside of the Great Buddha is hollow.


The walls around the Great Buddha are lined with human-shaped sculptures.
There are also sculptures of plants and instruments on top of it, which is worth seeing.

Information on access and fees

Opening hours 9: 00-17: 00
Closed days: No holidays

Admission fee

  • Adult:200 yen
  • Child:100 yen


First, take JR from Nagoya Station to Gifu Station.

Go to the bus stop at the 11th, 12th or 13th stops at JR Gifu Station.
Take the “N” route (To “Nagara Bridge”) or the city loop counterclockwise bus.

Get off at “Gifu Park/History Museum”.
Then arrive in 3 minutes on foot.

The bus fee is 220 yen one way.
The operation interval is about every 5 minutes and the time required is 15 minutes.


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