“Gujo Hachiman” Emotional townscape spreads out | Gifu


The townscape of Gujo Hachiman as well as Kyoto and Takayama is famous for its emotions.
Introducing Gujo Hachiman mainly focusing on the nostalgic and fantastic night scenery!!

What kind of town is Gujo Hachiman?

Gujo Hachiman is an old castle town surrounded by mountains on all sides and a river running through the center of the town.

Gujo Hachiman Castle was once called “The Most Beautiful Mountain Castle In Japan” by Ryotaro Shiba, one of Japanese leading writers.
So it is popular as a representative tourist spot.

In addition, the surrounding area of ​​the castle has been designated as an important traditional building preservation area, and the old townscape is beautiful.

There are also waterways for fish such as carp, amago and char.
It is a surprising sight when you see it for the first time, but it means that the water quality is so beautiful.

Fantastic and photogenic night view

From here, let’s introduce the night view spots where you can feel the emotion.

There are many merchant houses including old liquor stores, there are relatively many lights, and it is an area where it is easy to take a beautiful night view.

When you enter the side street, stone pavement is lit up at night.

There are row of trees along the waterway, and it is a spot full of the character of Gujo Hachiman, a castle town.

It is a downtown area of ​​Gujo Hachiman where various shops and restaurants are connected.

The bridge is lit after the evening and has a retro atmosphere like a castle town.


For sightseeing in Gujo Hachiman, it is convenient to get off at Nagara River Railway “Gujo Hachiman” station.

It can be reached in 110 minutes from Gifu Station and 120 minutes from Nagoya Station.


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