Hida Great Limestone cave② | Takayama



This article is a continuation of the previous article “Hida Great Limestone cave① | Near Nagoya 【Japan Introduction】”.

Last time I introduced the area around the limestone cave, but this time I will go inside the limestone cave.

This time, I will introduce inside the Great Hida limestone cave!

Inside of Hida Great limestone cave

I entered the limestone cave.
Admission is 1000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children.
Oh, it ’s very beautiful. There is a passage in the cave and it is light up beautifully.

I came here in the spring. There was no wind, so it was not colder than the outside. So I felt comfortable.

If you come summer here, you can feel cool and comfortable.

This is limestone. It looks like icicles. Water drops have fallen into the cave.

Limestone is light up in blue. It ’s really beautiful and magical.

On the way, there was also a rainbow light up.

There was white asparagus.

Gradually the road gets steep.

This cave has a first part, a second part, and a third part.
There are exits in each part.
From here, picture of third part. It is final part.

I could see a very beautiful view near the final point.

Here is final point. There was a shrine here.

There is no photo, but there was a snack shop at the exit.

I was able to have an extraordinary experience and it was a lot of fun.

I recommend go there.


Address: 1147, Hiyomo,Niugawa-cho, Takayama-city, Gifu-Prefecture

Telephone: 0577-79-2211 (Sightseeing in Hida limestone cave)

Opening hours: (April to October) 8:00 to 17:00
(November to March) 9:00 to 16:00

Regular holiday: No holidays

Admission: (Common ticket for Hida limestone cave / Ohashi Collection Hall)
High school students and above: 1000 yen, elementary and junior high school students: 500 yen

Access: 30 minutes by Nouhi bus from JR Takayama Station, 3 minutes by shuttle bus from the Limestone Cave Exit(Syonyudouguchi) ※(It seems to be called at the bus stop intercom)


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