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Do you know Inuyama Castle?

Inuyama Castle is a Japanese castle located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
The castle tower is one of five castles designated as national treasures.

This time, we will introduce Inuyama Castle !


Inuyama Castle is often claimed as the oldest castle in Japan. Its original construction was completed in 1440. According to Engishiki (a Heian Period-book), Haritsuna Shrine (a Shinto shrine) was moved to make way for the castle. That structure has been heavily augmented over time, and the current towers were completed in 1537, by Oda Nobuyasu, Oda Nobunaga’s uncle. Though the antiquated architectural style of the watchtower atop the tenshu has in the past led many historians to believe this to be the oldest extant tenshu in Japan, that honor goes to Maruoka Castle, built in 1576. Construction on the main tenshu (donjon) at Inuyama began in 1601, and continued through 1620.

The castle was the center of power for the Naruse clan, retainers of the Matsudaira clan and rulers of the Inuyama Domain. Inuyama Castle was unique in Japan in that it was privately owned. The donjon (tenshu) has been designated as national treasure.

Inuyama Castle

Inuyama Castle seen from a distance.

Castle gate

Inuyama Castle

In summer, a fireworks display is held.

Currently, we are repairing the castle.
Current photo. Repair work is until December 2019.
However, you can enter the castle.

In Inuyama Castle

This is a picture of the castle.
Admission is 550 yen for adults and 110 yen for elementary and junior high school students.

A view from the top floor of the castle.
There is an observatory on the top floor.

Sanko Inari Shrine

Inuyama Castle is on the top of the mountain and Sanko Inari Shrine is nearby Castle.
It is a shrine with a very mysterious scenery.


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