Inuyama Castle town | Near Nagoya


A castle town stretches away to the south of the national treasure that is Inuyama Castle. Many traditional old townhouses and mansions can be seen along the streets.

Inuyama Castle is introduced in the following article. → Inuyama Castle

This is a perfect place for a stroll around cafes that use old townhouses and shops selling chic accessories and traditional handicrafts. Get into the Edo mood, a castle town specialty like some handmade goheimochi or a dango dumpling in one hand.

This time, I will introduce Inuyama Castle Town!

Inuyama Castle town area

The place drawn by the red line on the map is Inuyama Castle Town.
Here you can enjoy the old streets of Inuyama.

Inuyama Castle town

Here are some recommended sightseeing spots and shops in Inuyama Castle Town!

Yamada gohei mochi

Inuyama Castle Town has a lot of Goheimochi restaurants, but the Yamada Goheimochi is especially recommended.

The reason for recommendation is taste and price.

It ’s very delicious!

Juhyoya Inuyama An

This is a japanese pickle shop.

You can also eat a set meal.

Inuyama gyutaro

Sushi is raw fish, but you can eat beef sushi here !

Showa Yokocho

What is famous here is this colorful dango!

very cute!

Karakuri Exhibition Hall

Karakuri is an old Japanese robot.
Japanese old robots are different from current robots, and there are many interesting ideas.




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