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Do you know “Ise Grand Shrine”?

The Ise Grand Shrine, located in the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture of Japan, is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. Officially known simply as Jingū, Ise Jingū is a shrine complex composed of many Shinto shrines centered on two main shrines, Naikū and Gekū.

This time, we will introduce “Ise Grand Shrine” !

Map of “Ise Grand Shrine”





Worship time

October, November, December→5am-5pm
January, February, March, April, September→5am-6pm
May, June, July, August→5am-7pm

Huge nature of “Ise Grand Shrine”

Ise Shrine is a shrine surrounded by a huge forest.
The sight is very beautiful and mysterious.

Nature Sprits05"Ise Jingu"

Inside of “Ise Grand Shrine”

Ise Jingu has very old-style buildings and modern buildings.

Mie Ise Grand Shrine Naiku – 伊勢神宮内宮 – 4K Ultra HD

This modern building is called “Jingu tyouko kan”.
This building was built in 1886 as Japan’s first industrial museum.

New year of “Ise Grand Shrine”

New Year’s Eve and New Year are special days for Japan.
On these days, shrines all over Japan is exciting.
Ise Grand Shrine is a huge shrine, so it is particularly exciting.

The following video shows the situation at new year in Ise Grand Shrine.

Ise Jingu Shrine, New Year's Day 2013 伊勢神宮 初詣 2013年元日

It’s amazing.


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