5 Scenic Spots in “Ise Shima” | Mie


If you want to travel to see the beautiful sea in the Tokai region, “Ise Shima” located in the southern part of Mie Prefecture is recommended!!
“Ise Shima” is rich in topographical changes, so there are many unique and photogenic sea views.

Pearl Road

The first to introduce is Seaside Road “Pearl Road”.
Once a toll road, it has been free since 2006.

“Toba Observatory” in the middle of “Pearl Road” is a must-see view point!!
This is because the dynamic scenery spreads beyond the observatory.

Ise Shima Skyline

It is a mountain road that can reach the summit of Asama-yama that rises behind Ise Shrine.
There is a section that gives the illusion of jumping into the sea for a moment.

The scenery from the top of the mountain has a beautiful contrast between the four islands that make up Ise Bay and the sea.
If the weather is fine, you will see Amami Peninsula and Mt. Fuji!!

Toshi-jima Blue Field

“Toshi-jima”, the largest island in Ise Bay, is a treasure trove of unprecedented scenery.
It suddenly appears on the island of a simple fishing village.

A notable view is the “Toshi-jima Blue Field” located in the northeastern part of the island.
The scenery where the rough rocks suddenly jump into the tip of the quiet beach is a masterpiece!!

Yokoyama Observatory

It has attracted much attention as an observation deck boasting one of the best views in Japan.
This is because of the peculiarity of the scenery seen from the observatory.

Magnificent contrast between the terrain of Shima and the sea!!
If you stand before this, you will lose your words and be admired.

Daiozaki Lighthouse

The dynamic landscape of the Pacific Ocean, the cliffs and the white lighthouse collaborate!!
It’s overwhelming exhilaration that makes you want to scream.

The view overlooking the cliff from the place with the lighthouse is also good.
The scenery that combines the unique landform and town is unbearable!


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