Iwasaki Castle | Near Nagoya【Nagoya Japan】


Do you know “Iwasaki Castle”?

Iwasaki Castle is a Japanese castle in the Sengoku period that existed in Iwasaki, Nisshin, Aichi Prefecture.
Built from the end of the 15th century to the early 16th century, it was abandoned in 1600.
Rebuilt in 1987.

This time, I introduce “Iwasaki Castle” !

Iwasaki Castle Map

This is a map of “Iwasaki Castle”.
The place indicated by ① on the map is “Iwasaki Castle”.
The place shown in ② on the map is “Iwasaki Castle History Memorial Hall”.

Iwasaki Castle

This is Iwasaki Castle.
Although it is small compared to other famous Japanese castles, I think this castle is very cool.

You can enter the castle.

This is the view from the top floor of the castle.
Admission is free ! You can enter from 9:00 to 16:30. Monday is closed.

Iwasaki Castle in spring

This is a view of Iwasaki Castle in spring. It is very beautiful !

Iwasaki Castle History Memorial Hall

This is Iwasaki Castle History Memorial Hall.
Here you can see Iwasaki Castle’s historical materials.

Around of Iwasaki Castle

This is the Ninomaru trace of Iwasaki Castle.
“Ninomaru” is a sub castle built near the main castle.

This is Karahori.
Karahori is a hole made to hold an enemy.

This is the road to Ninomaru.
You can see that the castle is surrounded by trees.



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