“Kamigare Tea Garden” Japanese version of Machu Picchu | Near Nagoya


Introducing “Kamigare Tea Garden”, the tea garden in the sky!
Now many people visit this place to see the superb view.

What is the Japanese version of “Machu Picchu”?

The scenery of the tea garden that develops on the slope at an altitude of about 300m is like “Machu Picchu”.
Traditional Japanese tea garden and unique terrain are created.

There are other highlights besides the observation spots.
On the way, you can see a vast tea garden nearby.

In addition, clear water flows like a jewel nearby.


You can go from Nagoya in about 1 hour 30 minutes.

First, head from Nagoya Station to Ibi Station.

A 20-minute taxi ride from Kashiwa Station will arrive at “Kamigare Tea Garden”.

If you walk about 20 minutes from there, you will reach a hot spot that has become a hot topic.


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