Kanayama Komachi | Nagoya


Have you ever heard “Kanayama Komachi”
A new commercial facility “Kanayama Komachi” was opened on December 12, 2019 nearby Kanayama station.
There are 16 restaurants in this area. This is very popular and attracted many people over the past month.


Kanayama Komachi is a commercial facility with a new concept where Japanese traditional restaurant are gathered.
There are 16 stores in total, including first one in Nagoya.

It make you feel like you are in old Japanese town.
You feel as if one had been transported through time to another age.

You would enjoy this atmosphere while you walk through in this area.

About restaurants

As you can see, there are 16 restaurants in this area.
I’m sure you guys will be able to enjoy with delicious food and alcohol.

You will not be able to decide which restaurant you go in this area.

You need to ask each restaurant because each shop has its own hours.


If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely worth going there.

What did you think about Kanayama Komachi??
Why don’t you go there? Have a fun in Japan!!


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