Superb view spot “Kaore Valley” | Near Takayama


Introducing Kaore Valley, where you can see beautiful scenery.
From the walking path along the valley and the two bridges across the Itadori River, you can see the clear water, the waterfall, the mysterious waterway, and the mysterious shaped rocks.

How to enjoy “Kaore Valley”

It is recommended to start walking from the signboard of the photo.
The stunning view is very compact

The Itadori River changes direction twice and is splashing violently.

As soon as you enter the walking path and cross the tunnel, you will find a pavilion.
There is a superb view spot on the bridge just a few steps from the pavilion.

Clear amber-colored water slowly flows.

Looking directly below, a tributary flows from the left hand of the bridge at the end of the tunnel, and beautiful amber and white bubbles are mixed.

There is a waterfall that runs along the mountain on the other side of the pavilion.
From the bridge, you feel as if you are touching the silk cloth with your hands.

It will flow into the waterfall as if spreading a thin cloth with transparency.
From the left, you can see the tributaries merge and the waterfall gently falls into the torrent.

The river flow seen from the pavilion side is also a good view.

The view from Kaore Number 2 Bridge is also amazing.
How about enjoying the clear water of the seven colors?

The view from Kaore number 1 bridge is also good.


You can go by taxi from Gujo Hachiman Station in 40 minutes.

Gujo Hachiman Station can be reached from Takayama Station or Nagoya Station.

Gujo Hachiman Station is just over 3 hours from Takayama Station. (About 5,000 yen)

Gujo Hachiman Station is 2-3 hours from Nagoya Station. (About 2,500 yen)


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