Komeda’s Coffee | Nagoya


Do you know Komeda’s Coffee ?

Komeda’s Coffee is a cafe originated in Nagoya.
It became very popular with its unique and voluminous menu, and now there are stores all over Japan.

This is “Komeda’s Coffee” map. Right side is Japan. Left side is around Nagoya.

You can see that there are ”Komeda’s Coffee” throughout Japan.

This time, we will introduce such a popular cafe “Komeda’s coffee”!


This is “Komeda’s Coffee”.
From here, We will introduce recommend menu in “Komeda’s Coffee” !

Shiro-Noir (650 yen)

An ample serving of soft ice cream on top of a crunchy soft Danish—serving warm items warm and cool items cool is a Komeda’s tradition
“Shiro-Noir” has become the signature menu item of Komeda’s Coffee, known all over the country.

Coffee Jelly (560 yen)

Banana and soft ice cream goes very well with our jelly made from the Komeda’s Coffee special blend.

Ice Cream Soda (520 yen)

Soda pop first, or ice cream?

Miso Fried Pork Cutlet Sandwich (920 yen)

A special sandwich with rich miso sauce on a crisp fried pork cutlet.

Fried Fish Burger (510 yen)

A fish burger topped with tartar sauce and cheese.

Pizza Toast with a Large Portion of Eggs (700 yen)

A Komeda’s Coffee original sandwich on toast with eggs, plentiful vegetables, and melted cheese.

Morning service (Free service!)

Every morning until 11:00 a.m.
When you order a drink, you can order one free from the ABC menu below.

A Our staple hard boiled egg
B Homemade egg salad spread
C Nagoya’s famous Ogura-an(sweet adzuki bean paste)


“Komeda’s Coffee” stores are located throughout Japan, so you can choose where to go.


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