“Kumano Kodo” World Heritage Stone Pavement | Mie


“Kumano Kodo” was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 2004.
You can see a very nice stone pavement!
Besides stone pavement, the scenery and air in the mountains is very beautiful and healed.

What kind of place is “Kumano Kodo”?

As introduced at the beginning, “Kumano Kodo” was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004.
The world heritage of the road is very rare and as of 2019 there are only 3 places including “Kumano Kodo”!

In recent years, tourists have come from all over the world because of the scenery of “Kumano Kodo”!

“Iseji Route”, which connects “Kumano Kodo” and “Ise Shrine”, has been used by many people since the Edo period.

Stone pavement are often used because this area has particularly heavy rainfall in Japan.

You can see a large stone torii gate.

The view is also very good!


First, take JR from “Nagoya Station” to “Aiga Station”.

The entrance to “Kumano Kodo” is 30 minutes on foot from JR “Aga Station”.


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