“Lagnacia” Fantasy World of Illumination and Projection Mapping| Near Nagoya


In “Lagunasia”, a popular event filled with colorful light is held every winter.
Why don’t you experience fantasy world?

Must-see Spots For “Lagunasia”

“Lagunasia” is a theme park with the theme of the sea in the complex resort “Laguna Ten Bosch”.
You can enjoy attractions and entertainment shows all day and night.

Illumination shows and projection mapping shows are especially popular in winter.

Illumination Show

The most notable of this season is the water illumination “Frozen Ocean”.
As you pass through the arch, a large tree will welcome you.

This is “Lucky Rainbow Arch”, the largest illumination arch in Japan with one million balls.

In “Light Grassland”, about 3,500 lanterns that image the grassland change color like a wave.
In the center is a cute symbol tree 10m high and 13m in diameter.

In “Blue Palace”, you can experience an extraordinary world full of marine blue light.

In “Jewel Garden”, you can see underwater illumination using the latest LED.

Flowers also spread under the glass corridor.

Projection Mapping Show

Car Action Mapping “AMAZE” places a working car on a wall 14m high and 33m wide and projects the projection mapping onto it.
The car moves according to the image and expresses a realistic image of driving in the near future city.

“AGUA” is the first water mapping show in Japan that uses a screen for water.
A fantastic world where mermaids swim and dragons and flames fight.


  • Period:From November 2, 2019 (Sat) to March 31, 2020 (Tue)
  • Illumination lighting time:From sunset to 21:00
  • Admission fee
    • Adult (more than junior high student):2,250 yen
    • Elementary school student:1,300 yen
    • Infant (3 years old and over):800 yen

You can get to “Lagunasia” in 1 hour from Nagoya.
It takes 40 minutes from JR “Nagoya” Station to JR “Gamagori” Station, and 15 minutes by free shuttle bus from JR “Gamagori” Station.


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