Magome-juku | Near Nagoya



Do you know Magome-juku?

This is a post town that was used in the Edo period.

The remnants of the old post town remain.

Magome-juku is located in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.

Gifu Prefecture is the prefecture next to Aichi Prefecture where Nagoya City is located.

This time, I will introduce you to this Magome-juku!

Walk around Magome-juku

I came to Magome-juku on Nakasendo. The departure was slow, so I arrived at noon. It seems to enter Magome-juku from here.


Delicious dango that I found right away.


There are souvenirs, foods and so on in Magome-juku.

Magome-juku is on a steep slope.


Speaking of famous tourist spots in Japan, there are Kyoto and Takayama, but there are no such steep slopes.

It is a very rare type of old Japanese street among the old streets that remain today.

It’s a big watermill.

Looking back, the lush mountains looked beautiful. I wonder if the old people looked at the scenery like this and took a breath here.


There are still inns where you can stay.


By the way, there was a guesthouse called “MAGOME CHAYA”.

Rice cracker.


You can buy even one. There were rice crackers such as soy sauce, salt, chili and green seaweed.

Tourist information center and toilet. There was also a bench where we could take a break.


Water is flowing along the road.


This is the final point of Magome-juku.

The scenery of the mountains was very beautiful.


Train / Bus

● From Tokyo
Shinjuku Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line JR” ⇒ Shiojiri Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line JR” ⇒ JR Nakatsugawa Station ⇒ “Bus” ⇒ Magome-juku
Tokyo Station ⇒ “Tokaido Shinkansen” ⇒ Nagoya Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line (JR)” ⇒ Nakatsugawa Station ⇒ “Bus” ⇒ Magome-juku

●From Osaka / Nagoya (train)
Shin-Osaka Station ⇒ “Tokaido Shinkansen (1 hour)” ⇒ Nagoya Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line JR (about 1 hour)” ⇒ Nakatsugawa Station ⇒ “Bus (25 minutes)” ⇒ Magome-juku
Osaka Namba Station ⇒ “Kintetsu Nagoya Line (2 hours)” ⇒ Nagoya Station ⇒ “Chuo Main Line JR (about 1 hour)” ⇒ Nakatsugawa Station ⇒ “Bus (25 minutes)” ⇒ Magome-juku

【Regular bus timetable】
◇ [JR Nakatsugawa Station⇔Magome-juku] Scheduled bus timetable (Kita Ena Kotsu) ⇒Click here NAVITIME ⇒Click here


● From various directions
Chuo Expressway ⇒ Nakatsugawa I.C ⇒ National Route 19 ⇒ Magome-juku (about 20 minutes from Nakatsugawa IC)


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