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Speaking of Kabuki in Nagoya, “Misonoza” was founded in 1908.
It was closed from 2015 for rebuilding, but reopened in the spring of 2018!

“Mizoza Tower” is a theater, restaurant and condominium.
Even gourmet restaurants that are not for theatrical purposes are also worth going.

The charm of “Misonoza Tower”

Source: ぴあ中部版web

“Misonoza” was originally founded in 1897 as the main theater for Kabuki performances, and until 2015, it was loved as the stage for Kabuki shows.
However, the building was renovated due to the aging of the building.

And in the spring of 2018, it became the “Misonoza Tower” and became a large tower building that houses restaurants and condominiums as well as Kabuki.

The modern appearance of the lattice pattern of the “Misonoza Tower” was supervised by Mr. Kengo Sumi, a master of Japanese architecture who also designed the new national stadium.

Please drop in between shopping and sightseeing.

Watching Kabuki at Misono

The new theater of “Misonoza Tower” is a little smaller than the former “Misonoza”, and the distance between the stage and the audience is closer, so you can enjoy more powerful performance.

Various Kabuki performances can be seen from classical Kabuki to modern Kabuki.
Depending on the schedule, you may be able to see the Kabuki of the world-famous comic “One Piece”.

Including not only Kabuki, but also concerts and musicals, there are many performances that can not be missed throughout the year.

Dining and shopping at Misono

On the first floor, there is a food theme park “Misono Komachi” with eat-in, take-out and souvenir corners.

There are many products that can only be tasted at “Miono komachi”.

Misono Humble Grunch with a special demiglace sauce, with a slight scent of “Haccho Miso”.

Misono Yaki and Misono Sandroll with different designs on both sides of Japan are famous.

Source: るるぶ&more

In addition, it opens from 7 am on weekdays and from 10 am on Saturdays and Sundays, and it is also attractive that you can eat Japanese and Western set meals for breakfast at 500 yen (excluding tax)!

Also, you can enjoy the “original souvenir set” where you can pack as many individual confections as you want in the Misono Komachi seal box.

Access to “Misonoza Tower”

“Misonoza Tower” can be reached in 10 minutes (200 yen) from Nagoya Station.

If you are heading to Misono from Tokyo or Osaka, first go to Nagoya by Shinkansen.

When you arrive at Nagoya Station, take the subway.
Take the subway Higashiyama Line bound for “Fujigaoka” Station at “Nagoya” Station.
Get off at “Fushimi” Station and arrive in 2 minutes on foot from Exit 6.


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