Beautiful panoramic view “Mt. Norikura” | Takayama


Mt. Norikura has a beautiful mountain panorama.
Why do not you go for a spectacular peak hunt ?

How to enjoy “Mt. Norikura”?

To climb Mt. Norikura, you first need to access “Tatami-daira”, an altitude of about 2700m.
The approach is really easy!

You can get to “Tatami-daira” by bus from Takayama.
Beginners can start without using physical strength, so even beginners can feel secure!

You can’t think of a bus as just moving.
Because the pavement boasts the highest altitude in Japan and the spectacular scenery spreads along the way!

Spectacular Mountain Views, “Kenga-mine”

“Kenga-mine” (altitude 3026m) is the highest peak of Mt. Norikura.
It is a mountain climbing route that goes up about 300m above sea level while enjoying a gentle hike from “Tatami-daira”.

A craggy volcanic belt has developed.

It takes about an hour and a half from “Tatami-daira” to reach the summit.

Beautiful Pond And Mountain Contrast “Fujimi-take”

On the way from “Tatami-daira” to “Kenga-mine”, the peak that is easy to stop by is “Fujimi-take” (altitude 2817m).

It takes 20 minutes on foot from “Tatami-daira” and 1 hour on foot from “Kenga-mine”.

When you reach the top of the mountain, there is a panorama view.

The Easiest To Climb, “Mao-take”

It is “Mao-take” (altitude 2763m) that can be reached within 10 minutes after getting off the bus.

The photo below is this view in 5 minutes after starting to climb.

A 10-minute walk from “Tatami-daira” will arrive at the summit.
You can see the panorama of “Takayama Nori Skyline”.

Alpine Plant and Heart Pond, “Daikoku-take”

“Daikoku-take” (altitude 2772m) is also recommended although there is some distance.

A large community of alpine plants “Dicentra”!
A lovely pink flower blooms in the gravel ground and softens the climber’s heart.

Overlooking the heart pond in 40 minutes on foot from “Tatami-daira”.

The photo is quoted from the site below.


First, take the bus from “Takayama Bus Terminal” and transfer at “honoki-daira”.

Take the bus from “honoki-daira” to “Tatami-daira”.

Round trip fee between “Takayama Bus Terminal” and “Tatami-daira”

  • Adult 4,610 yen
  • Elementary school student 2,310 yen


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