“Mt. Tsugao” Perfect For Night Hiking | Near Nagoya


“Mt. Tsugao” is a must-see spot with a panoramic view of the vast night view.
Let’s enjoy night hiking!!

How to enjoy “Mt. Tsugao”?

“Mt. Tsugao” is a mountain with an altitude of less than 300m, so you can climb it in 30 minutes.
You can enjoy the superb view easily!!

Please check the map because the mountain entrance is very difficult to find.

This is a picture of a mountain entrance.↓
*The map will be introduced in the access paragraph described later.

The best part of night hiking is not just “Night View”.
In fact, the “Sunset” seen from the top of the mountain is also exceptional.

The transition until the night view is completed is outstanding!
Mt. Ibuki, which is dyed in orange just after sunset, and the gradually lit city show a vivid and beautiful scene.

And as the sun goes down, the colors become more vivid.

The contrast between “Inuyama Castle” and “Kiso River” is also beautiful.

The night view introduced this time can be seen from the pavilion at the top of the mountain.


It takes about an hour from Nagoya to the mountain entrance.

First, take Meitetsu Train from Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station. (30 minutes, 570 yen)

It takes about 30 minutes on foot from Inuyama Station to the entrance.
*A taxi takes about 10 minutes.


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