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This article is a continuation of “Nagoya Castle① | Nagoya 【Japan Introduction】“!
If you have not seen the first part, please see here first.
“What is Tenshukaku”, “What is Honmaru Goten” and “History of Nagoya Castle” are explained in the previous article.

This time, I will introduce inside of “Honmaru Goten” in “Nagoya Castle”!

Inside of “Honmaru Goten”

“Honmaru Goten” is located just south of “Tenshukaku”.
Shooting is OK indoors, but flash is prohibited.


This is the entrance.
The entrance includes not only the entrance but also two rooms between “Ichinoma” and “Ninoma”.

This is “Ichinoma”.

This is “Ninoma”.

Both rooms have “Chikurin Hyokozu” restored.
“Chikurin Hyokozu” is a picture drawn in the room.
The color remains the same 400 years ago.
It took 22 years to reproduce “Chikurin Hyokozu” of “Honmaru Goten”.

Hyoushoin Sannoma

“Hyoshoin” is a high-class room that welcomes customers from outside.

Hyoshoin Itinoma

The innermost part of “Hyoshoin” is “Ichinoma”.
This room is used by the monarch for formal meetings.

Meeting place

The meeting place is a room used by the monarch for banquets with vassals.

This is the end of the introduction to Honmaru Goten.

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Access from Nagoya station

By Subway

Subway Higashiyama Line “Nagoya” station
→→→ Subway Higashiyama “Sakae” Station Transfer to Meijo Line
→→→ Subway Meijo Line “City Hall” Station

Subway Sakuradori Line “Nagoya” Station
→→→ Subway Sakuradori / Meijo Line “Kuya Odori” Station Transfer to Meijo Line
→→→ Subway Meijo Line “City Hall” Station

Subway Sakura-dori Line “Nagoya” Station
→→→ Subway Sakura-dori / Tsurumai Line “Marunouchi” Station Transfer to Tsurumai Line
→→→ Subway Tsurumai Line “Asamacho” Station

By bus

・ Main gate area Yoshinao Zone
Nagoya City Bus “Nagoya Station Bus Terminal” Sakae Line 13 (Sakae-Yasuicho Nishi)
→→→ “Nagoya Castle Main Gate” stop

Nagoya City Bus “Nagoya Station Bus Terminal” Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus Meguru
→→→ “Nagoya Castle” stop

・ East Gate Area Muneharu Zone
Nagoya City Bus “Nagoya Station Bus Terminal” Main Line2
→→→ City Hall ” stop 10 minutes on foot

Access from Chubu International Airport

Meitetsu Tokoname Line “Chubu International Airport” station
→→→ Subway Meijo Line “Kanayama” station
→→→ Subway Meijo Line “City Hall” station


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