Sakushima, a remote island | Near Nagoya


Sakushima is a remote island that can be reached in 2 hours from Nagoya.

The attraction is not only art, but also a wonderful landscape that combines nature and historical culture with art.
Above all, the charm of Sakushima is the time that flows slowly.
Everything you see is a healing landscape.

The highlights of Sakushima, a remote island near Nagoya

Sakushima is a remote island with a population of about 250 people.
The area is 173 hectares and the coastline is 11.6 kilometers long.

More than 80% of the island is mountain, where you can see rich nature and old-fashioned village scenery.
There are no traffic lights, no convenience stores, and there are four major attractions on this island where you can relax and enjoy the time.

An art island, Sakushima

Sakushima has been working on island development by art since 1996.
Throughout the year, you can enjoy an art picnic (stamp rally over the artworks exhibited in the whole island), and various art events are held at any time.

A scenic island , Sakushima

In addition to the scenic landscape in Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park, it has a marine climate and is home to many warm-land plants and a unique landscape where you can enjoy the mood of the southern island.

The black wall village in the west area is one of the most impressive scenery in Sakushima.
Houses painted in black are lined up on both sides of a narrow alley like a maze, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

An island rich in nature, Sakushima

An island completely surrounded by rich nature.
Seasonal wild flowers bloom and green plants grow.

It is also a treasure trove of creatures living in wild birds and mountain.
It is an island where you can take a leisurely walk through the nature and feel relieved both in your heart and body.

A gourmet island , Sakushima


Clams and octopus are delicious, oysters and sea cucumbers are exquisite.

It is natural that seafood is delicious because it is fresh, but thanks to the island’s climate and rich soil, vegetables on Sakushima are also delicious.

Location and access of Sakushima

It is located in the middle of Mikawa Bay, surrounded by the Chita Peninsula and Amami Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture.
10.8km from Isshiki Port to Sakushima West Port.
It is a boat trip of about 20 minutes on a regular ship.

Access to Sakushima

If you are going to Sakushima from Tokyo or Osaka, first head to Nagoya by Shinkansen.

I will explain the route after arriving at Nagoya Station.

Meitetsu Train , Nagoya Station
Meitetsu Train , Nishio Station
→ Meitetsu Bus , Nishio Station
→ Meitetsu Bus , Boarding point for Sakushima
→ Arrive at Sakushima by boat

*Get off at Meitetsu Train Nishio Station and walk to Meitetsu Bus Nishio Station.

Meitetsu buses depart and arrive only four times a day.

From Nishio Station Arrival at the dock
From the dock Arrival Nishio Station

If you can use the bus on the way back, please board the boat at 14:50 Sakushima.

Ship fee

  • Adult (more than junior high school students) 820 yen
  • Child (elementary school) 410 yen

You can go to Sakushima in about 2 hours from Nagoya Station.

Please enjoy Sakushima!


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