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This time, I will introduce “Nagoya TV Tower”!
“Nagoya TV Tower” stands in the center of Nagoya City and is a symbol of Nagoya.
It is also called Sakae TV Tower,and is deeply loved by the locals.

The TV tower is located in the center of the downtown area,and there are various spots such as shopping spots,”oasis 21″ and “Osu Kannon”.
It is in “Hisaya Odori Park” and has become a landmark.
From the viewing area,it is a very scenic spot overlooking the whole of Nagoya.

I would like to introduce a TV tower that is one of the attractions of Nagoya.

The features of Nagoya TV Tower

Nagoya TV Tower is a historical symbol

Nagoya TV Tower is a radio tower of the terrestrial broadcasting era.

After the role of the radio tower,the utilization method including the abolition was discussed,but it becomes a tourist resource with the oasis 21 and a set.

Landscape seen from the TV tower

From the observation deck,you can see Nagoya city and you can see Mt. Ontake,Chuo Alps,Hakusan,Mt. Ibuki and Mt Suzuka.

The TV tower in Nagoya is very famous,but the night after the day the TV tower is lighted up and looks even more beautiful. You can see the night view of Nagoya by climbing to the TV tower.

In the outdoor viewing area,because it is not glass but wire mesh,you can take photos with your smartphone.

You can look even more beautiful because the town of Sakae is decorated with illuminations during the winter Christmas season.

It is perfect for a couple’s date.

If you want to spend a romantic time with your favorite people,please!

It is also certified as a sweetheart’s holy place.

Sometimes projection mapping is a window.

There are many chairs and sofas in the observation room,so when you go with family or couple you can sit and enjoy the view.

Around TV Tower

You may have to be careful about sightseeing with a single woman because there will be less traffic at 9 o’clock in the evening.

There is a street called Sakuradori just beside the tower.

There is a Ginkgo tree-lined tree on Sakura Dori,but the yellow leaves are beautiful and you can enjoy a wonderful view in the city. Take a walk slowly,or the road to Nagoya Station is covered in yellow,and it is a wonderful scenery only for a limited time.

Admission fee

Entrance fee will be charged on the TV tower.


  • Adult 700 yen
  • High school and university students 600 yen
  • Senior (65 years old or older)600 yen

Night time

  • Adult (more than high school students)1000 yen
  • Small and middle school students 500 yen


Access is from Nagoya Station,then take the Nagoya City Higashiyama Line / Fujigaoka bound and get off at Sakae Station.

Arrive at 8A (Central Park)Exit 1 minute walk.

Car access is also possible.

While watching the night view of Nagoya city from the city highway,you can see the shining Nagoya TV tower with lights up.

The appearance of standing slim is beautifully golden and it is also reminiscent of the golden castle of Nagoya Castle.

Seismic work

As of July 2019,it will be under construction for earthquake proofing,but it will be renewed next year,so I am looking forward to that time.


We go to observation deck by elevator,

The entrance is very small.

It’s right below the tower,but if you’re careless you’ll miss it

So be careful.


You can climb without stress,without wasting time waiting for a queue like Tokyo Skytree.

However,the view depends on the weather,and on a sunny day the impression is greater.

On the contrary,I think it is better to avoid climbing on days with poor visibility,such as rainy days,and days with strong winds.

In addition,since you can go up and down even stairs on weekends and holidays,if you have enough time and you are confident in physical fitness,you will gain more memories if you try.

In addition,the floor where weddings and various parties and events are held is set up on the fourth floor in the TV tower,and it is highly recommended because there are many event events under the tower.


There is also a restaurant on the first floor.

Height and history

It has a height of 180 meters and is 63 years old.


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