Urban Oasis “Noritake Forest” | Nagoya


“Noritake Forest” is like an urban oasis even though it is near Nagoya Station where high-rise buildings stand.
Take a leisurely walk surrounded by greenery, visit the museum, relax at the café, and relax.

What kind of place?

It is the site of the factory of “Noritake Company”, a Western tableware brand proud of Japan.
“Noritake Company” was born as a Western tableware manufacturer in 1904, and “Noritake China” became a world-renowned brand by exporting Japan’s first dinner set.

“Noritake Forest” is a complex facility commemorating the company’s 100th anniversary.

The charm of “Noritake Forest”

“Noritake Forest” has various attractions.

The park with beautiful trees and bricks

“Noritake Forest” has a park with trees.
Let’s take a walk while watching Japanese trees.

After a little progress, various shaped brick walls will appear.
This red brick building, built in 1904, was in operation until 1975 as the first factory of “Noritake Company”.

There is also a pond in the big city near Nagoya Station.
Even biotopes where insects, fish, and birds coexist are built.
You can enjoy a variety of flowers as the season changes.

The museum with great works

The gorgeous Western porcelain “Old Noritake” that has been exported to the United Kingdom and the United States since the end of the 1800s is on display.

You can observe the painting process by skilled craftsmen.

You can also see the dough making process.
You can see the tough work of creating a three-dimensional pottery through a long process of smoldering.

You can also shop.
It is fun just to watch a wide lineup of tableware and cooking utensils around the table, as well as Western dishes from “Noritake Company”!

There is also an outlet corner.

The cafe where you can take a break


Let’s have lunch set that popular tea and main can choose.
The tableware handled here is a work made by “Noritake Company”, so you can study how to use and arrange dishes.

Access, opening hours, and charge for “Noritake Forest”

Introduction of “Noritake Forest” access, opening hours and fees.


“Noritake Forest” is a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station.

If you don’t want to walk as much as possible, take the subway Higashiyama Line from Nagoya Station to Kameyama Station.
A 5-minute walk from Exit 2.

Opening hours and charge

Opening Hours: 10: 00~17: 00
Regular holiday: Monday (in the case of a national holiday, the following day)
Charge: Free

However, there is a charge for the museum.

  • Adult … ¥ 500
  • High school student … ¥ 300
  • Below junior high school students … Free


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