Spaceship of Water “Oasis21” | Nagoya


Do you know “Oasis 21”?
“Oasis 21” is a building made in the image of a “water spaceship”.
A mysterious building where most of the roof is filled with water.
Although it is not very famous worldwide, it is a highly recommended tourist destination !
This time, I will introduce “Oasis 21”!!

A very beautiful building “Oasis 21”

This is Oasis 21.
The glass roof is also a popular date spot.

The roof is mostly filled with water.
The tower in the back is the Nagoya TV Tower.

This building has an underground.
This is a picture looking up from the basement.
There are restaurants and shops in the basement.

Beautiful night view “Oasis21”

This is “Oasis 21” at night.
At night, the building is lit up. It is very beautiful and magical.



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