Obara Four-Season Cherry Blossom | Nagoya


Have you ever heard “Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees Festival”?
It is called “Obara Shikizakura Matsuri” in Japanese. Shikizakura means Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees.
Here is a view of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. You can see both of them at that same time in fall. 


Japan is famous for cherry blossom in spring and autumn leaves in fall, and that makes it difficult to choose when to come to Japan.
But you do not need to fear, Aichi has the perfect solution for this dilemma.
There is only one place where you can see both of them at once, and that is Aichi Prefecture’s Obara.

You can see cherry blossom in not only spring but also fall. Therefore you don’t need to
give up watching cherry blossom.
Because there is one more chance to see it in a year.

I want to show you lots of pictures below.

This creates an incredibly beautiful, fantastic scene. 

Over 10,000 of the rare Shikizakura trees grace the Obara region, and are usually at their best from early to late November. The trees are said to have originated in the early 1800s when the samurai physician, Fujimoto Genseki was presented with one of the rare trees from a temple in Nagoya. This special tree, now designated as a Natural Monument, was planted in Obara, where it grew very well, spreading across the district.


I write down this address.
”456 Magohachi, Obara-cho, Toyota-City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan”
(Obara Fureai Park)


You can see this view in Early November to late November.
So, please don’t miss this time.

If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely worth seeing.
See the Best of Both Worlds, Aichi’s Cherry Blossoms and Autumn Leaves Together!

What did you think about Obara Shikizakura Four-Season Cherry Blossom Trees Festival ??
Why don’t you go there? Have a fun in Japan!!


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