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Do you know “Okage Yokocho”?

“Okage Yokocho” is a tourist destination that reproduces the townscape from the late Edo period to the early Meiji period in front of Ise Grand Shrine Naiku in Ise City, Mie Prefecture.

There are many souvenir shops and restaurants here.
Visitors to “Ise Grand Shrine” will eat here and buy souvenirs.

This time, I would like to introduce the stores you would like to visit in order to convey the charm of “Okage Yokocho”.

( Ise Grand Shrine is introduced in the following article. → Ise Grand Shrine)

Okage Yokoch

It is movie of Okage Yokocho.

おかげ横丁 食べ歩き 美味すぎる餅発見!伊勢旅行

Recommend shops and restaurants of “Okage Yokocho”

Here are some recommended restaurant and shops in “Okage Yokocho”!


Speaking of Ise specialty, “Akafuku”.
Akafuku is Japanese sweets with Anko on mochi.
Anko is mashed with red beans and mixed with sugar.
Mochi is japanese style rice cake.

It is “Akafuku”. It is a beautiful shade.

Shaved ice is also sold here.


Here you can eat meat dishes.
Croquette is cheap and delicious.

Ise Kadoya Beer

This store sells its own beer.

Ise is famous for oysters.
Tasty grilled oysters are also sold here.

Perl of “Mikimoto”

Mikimoto, famous for its pearls, has its headquarters in Mie Prefecture.
Mikimoto pearl products are sold here.


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