Ootoya | Nagoya(japan)


This time, I introduce “Ootoya” !

Ootoya is a Japanese home-style food restaurant.
Ootoya’s food is very popular in Japan because it is very healthy and delicious.

Ootoya has stores all over Japan. 
There are 8 stores in Nagoya.

In Ootoya

This time, I went to Naruko store in Nagoya. This is the video at that time.

Japanese food restaurant "Otoya"

We ordered “Tori to yasai no kurozu ankake set meal”, “Chicken kaasan ni set meal” and “Yongenton loin cutlet tamagotoji set meal”.

Tori to yasai no kurozu ankake set

It is deep fried chicken and vegetables with black vinegar sauce.
It is the most popular set meal in Ootoya.
It is a very healthy set meal, because it has lots of vegetables and black vinegar.

Chicken kaasan ni set meal

It is a simmered chicken cutlet and vegetables.
It is my most recommended set meal.

Yongenton loin cutlet tamagotoji set meal

It is a simmered Yongen pork cutlet and eggs.

Besides these, all menus are healthy and delicious.


You can eat the above set meals any Ootoya you go.


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