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Do you know Osu Kannon?

Ōsu Kannon is a Buddhist temple of the Shingon sect located in Ōsu, in central Nagoya, Japan. It belongs to the Owari Thirty-three Kannon.

The temple was originally built in about the year 1333 in Ōsu-gō, Nagaoka village, in Owari Province, which is currently known as the city of Hashima in Gifu Prefecture. Construction was sponsored by the Emperor Go-Daigo, who appointed Shōnin Nōshin as the first head priest. Nōshin had a dream of Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of Compassion, known as Kannon in Japanese.[1] Hence, the name Ōsu (from Ōsu-gō) Kannon. Due to repeated flooding, the temple was moved to its present location in 1612 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. In the 1820s, large parts of the temple were destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt in the 1970s.[2][3] The main hall has a very large, red paper lantern hanging from the ceiling where worshipers can tie small paper notes with wishes to the holding wires.

This time, I will introduce Osu Kannon!

Osu Kannon

This is Osu Kannon.

This is gate.

This is Giant red paper lantern.


There are many pigeons in Osu Kannon.
You can also feed the pigeon here.

You can buy pigeon food here.

Osu Summer Festival

In summer, the Osu Summer Festival is held every year!
Recently, the World Cosplay Summit event was held at the same time.
It will probably be held next year.

This is fireworks.

This is Bon Dance.

This is the “Osu Cosplay Parade”.

This site explains the World Cosplay Summit.


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