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Osu Shopping Street① | Nagoya【Nagoya Japan】
Osu Shopping Street② | Nagoya【Nagoya Japan】
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Last time, I introduced Monzencho dori, Higashi Niomon dori and Banshoji dori in Osu Shopping Street !
This time, I introduce Akamon dori and Shintenchi dori in Osu Shopping Street ! (※”dori” means street.)

Osu shopping street map

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This is Osu Shopping street map.
There are 8 streets in the Osu shopping street.
The red line in the map shows the street.
Osu Kannon is surrounded by black lines on the map, and Osu Kannon Station is surrounded by green lines.

Akamon dori

7 on the map is Akamon dori.

This is Akamon dori gate.

Magic Spice

This is a soup curry restaurant. It’s a very interesting looking building.
The curry here can change the hotness and add toppings.

The curry used lots of vegetables, meat and seafood is very tasty and healthy.
There are plenty of menus and toppings, so you can make your own curry.

Super Potato [Retro building]

This is a retro game shop.

There are a lot of nostalgic games. I like the atmosphere inside this store.

You can play retro games here. (free)

In addition, retro game character goods and dagashi are also on sale.
Dagadhi is japanese cheap snack and candies.

Shintenchi dori

8 on the map is Shintenchi dori.

This is Shintenchi dori gate.


Originally it was a very old building. However, since it disappeared due to the air raid, it was rebuilt and turned into a very modern temple.

Makamaka Nagodon

This is rice bowl restaurant. Here is sold new nagoya’s fomous food.

These are various type of rice bowl.

Beef sushi is also sold.

Taiwan no Yaki paozu

This is a paozu shop. Paozu is meat buns.
Vegetable paozu and meat paozu are sold here. I recommend meat paozu.

This is paozu. It is piping hot.

This is meat paozu. Meat juice is very delicious.
But it is so hot, so please attention.


Osu Kannon is the main entrance of the Osu shopping street.
So if you go to Osu Kannon, you can go to the main entrance of Osu Shopping Street.
The nearest station is Nagoya City Subway Tsurumai Line “Osu Kannon Station”.


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