Pasta De CoCo | Nagoya


Do you know “Pasta De CoCo”?

Pasta De CoCo is a Japanese food services company based in Aichi.
Here, you can eat Nagoya’s famous food such as “Ankake Pasta”.
It is the same company as the famous curry restaurant “CoCo Ichibanya“.
Therefore, many toppings are also a feature of this restaurant.

This time, I will introduce “Pasta De CoCo” !

Recommend Menus

・Mirakan (946 yen)

・Teppan Natsukashi Naporitan (909 yen)

・Jiman no carry meat (732 yen)


If you order pasta, you can oder set menu.

・A set (157 yen) …drink

・B set (210 yen)…drink+toast

・C set (261 yen)…drink+salad

・D set (315 yen)…drink+salad+toast

Create your best pasta ! (Many toppings)

You can combine your toppings to make your own pasta!
There are 33 types of toppings!

For example, cheese, fried oyster, fried shrimp, sunny side up, fried fish and sausage.


There are several restaurants around the Nagoya area(Central japan area).


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