“Rice terraces” Beautiful countryside scenery | Near Nagoya


Rice is indispensable for Japanese life.
The rice fields and agricultural landscapes that have played this role can be said to be cultural landscapes unique to Japan.

This introduction to Shinshiro City “Rice terraces” is one of them.

Introduction of “Rice terraces”

Shinshiro City is blessed with nature, surrounded by mountains on three sides.
You can enjoy a different scenery from the city like Nagoya.

The beauty of nature such as rivers, mountains, and the countryside that stretches all over is attractive.


Rice terraces in Shinshiro City are selected in Japan of Rice terraces 100 election, it has been referred to as “Yotsuya Senmaida”.


The steep slope of the mountain has a large rice terrace.
A beautiful and unique landscape that captivates viewers.


A road is established along the rice terraces, and you can see the rice terraces nearby.


This beautiful agricultural landscape is a gift of unity and love for the local people.



First, head from Nagoya Station to Shinshiro Station.
You can go by JR in about 1 hour 30 minutes. (1,500 yen)

It is about 30 minutes by taxi from Shinshiro Station.


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