Sabo Mochitsuki An | Nagoya


“Sabo Mochitsuki An” is a mochi restaurant in Nagoya!
Mochi is japanese rice cake.

This is one of my favorite shops, so if you are in Nagoya, I would like you to go there.

This time, we wili introduce “Sabo Mochitsuki An” !

The atmosphere in the store

This is the entrance of the shop.

The atmosphere in the store is old Japan.

This is what you use when making mochi.

Morning service (Free service!)

If you order a drink before 11am, you can order a free morning set.

The drink menu is coffee (490yen), cafe au lait (550yen), matcha (550yen), ice green tea (550yen), and milk (550yen).

This is the morning set.

The contents of the morning set are toast and zensai.
Zensai is a sweet soup made from red beans.

Lunch menu

After 11:00, lunch menu set meals will be sold.
The set meal is voluminous and delicious.

Mochi dukushi set meal

1090 yen

Okowa set meal

990 yen


In addition to the lunch menu and morning set introduced above, there are various menu.
The recommendation was introduced above, but I think that other menus are also good.

Opening hours

・9:10~15:45 (Last order 15:15)
It closes when the rice cake is gone.



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