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Do you know “Sekai no yamachan”?

Sekai no Yamachan is Nagoya’s tebasaki restaurant.
Tebasaki is Nagoya’s famous food that is fried chicken wing with sauce.

Nagoya’s famous fried chicken wings, now one of its most popular foods, started out as an idea at a restaurant way back in 1965, which had piles and piles of discarded chicken wings that nobody thought to use. These were reimagined them into a mouthwatering new dish, which made it to the restaurant’s menu, and thus the wings were born.

And then on 14 June 1981, Yamachan opened his own little 13-seat, 13m² stall in Shinsakae, selling the very same amazing wings you get to eat today.
Yamachan’s fried chicken wings became known for their spicy kick, seasoned with powerful pepper unlike the chicken wings at other shops.

The secret to Yamachan’s famous Fab Wings is in the special sauce that’s been handed down, and its mouth-tingling spices.The explosion of flavor you get from these wings is the result of all kinds of special techniques and ingredients.

This time, I will introduce “Sekai no Yamachan” !


This is a Tebasaki. (5 pieces→480 yen)

Other menus

Miso katsu

Miso katsu is a pork cutlet with miso sauce.
It is also Nagoya’s famous food.

This is Miso Katsu. (3 piece→330 yen)


It is also Nagoya’s famous food.

This is Doteni. (1 plate→390 yen)

Ankake Spaghetti

Ankake Spaghetti’s sauce is made many vegetables.
It is also Nagoya’s famous food.

This is Ankake spaghetti. (1 plate→680 yen)


Tenmusu is a rice ball with shrimp tempura.
It is also Nagoya’s famous food.

This is Tenmusu. (3 piece→390 yen)



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