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Have you ever heard “Shima Spain Village” in Mie.
The Shima Spain Village is a resort facility in Shima City, Mie Prefecture, which has a sister-city relationship with Valencia in Spain.
This resort consists of three sections.
So, we will introduce them.


There are lots of attractions in a theme park featuring the charms of Spain.
This theme park is made various attractions and shows can be enjoyed by from children to adults in the park. You can also enjoy the reproduced cityscape of Spain and a gourmet on the break. You can enjoy cheerfully at ease all day long!

you can check it out below!!

Attractions - Shima Spain Village

Hotel shima spain mura

They have 252 guest rooms which is designed imaging three Spanish cities.
Spanish atmosphere drifts to all the interior; decorative plate, chairs, and table. 

Enjoy your resort life!!! For sure feeling like you are in Europe.

Hot spring

This is a hot spring which is called”Himawari no yu”
There are indoor bath and outdoor bath.
You can see wonderful view from outdoor bath!!


If you’ve never been to Shima Spain Village , it’s definitely worth visiting.

What did you think about Shima Spain Village ??
Why don’t you go there? Have a fun in Japan!!


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