Shurakuen | Near Nagoya


Shurakuen is a park in Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture.
In 1916, businessman Yoshikazu Yamada opened the park.

This time, I introduce “Shurakuen” !

Shurakuen map

source: Tokai city official site

This is a Shurakuen map.

The place surrounded by the red line on the map is “big buddha”.

The place surrounded by the blue line on the map is “Chaya Oumeian”.
Chaya means japanese-style tea shop.

The place surrounded by the yellow line on the map is parking lot.

Big buddha

This big Buddha is like a symbol of “Shurakuen”.
With a height of 19m, it is the fifth largest Buddha in Japan.
This is the view from the road.

You can see that it ’s very big.

Chaya Oumeian

This is “Chaya Oumeian” that is japanese-style teahouse.
The teahouse is in shurakuen.

Here you can drink matcha and eat Japanese sweets.
It’s very beautiful !

This is the Japanese garden around the teahouse.

Shurakuen scenery

This is a pond in the center of Shurakuen.

This is the scenery of the autumn Shurakuen.
The autumn leaves are very beautiful.


The nearest station is “Shurakuen” station on the Meitetsu Tokoname Line.


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