Sweets Castle(Japanese : Okashi no Shiro) | Near Nagoya


Do you know “Okashi no Shiro” ?

Okashi no Shiro is a tourist facility in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
In the castle there are about 200 sugar art exhibits. You can also try making cookies and try on dresses. It can also be used as a party or wedding venue.

This time, I introduce “Okashi no Shiro” !

Sugar art exhibition

As soon as you enter the castle, you will find this huge sugar cake.
The world’s best sugar cake with a height of 14.8m.

There are various other sugar arts.

That’s amazing. . .
It doesn’t look like sugar very much.

Try on dresses

You can also try on a dress here.

There are also dresses for children.

very cute!

Cookie making experience

You can also make cookies here!

Everyone has made a unique cookie.
It seems to be a good education for your child.

Desert lunch buffet

You can also enjoy dessert buffet here.

Here you can enjoy various desserts.

You can also make your own parfait and eat it.



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