1700s government office “Takayama Jinya” | Takayama


Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture is a historical town that retains the old townscape of the Edo period.
“Takayama Jinya” is the only existing Edo government office in Japan.

What kind of place?

In 1692, Takayama region was ruled by Edo government.

At that time, Takayama Castle became an abandoned castle, and instead the government office that became the base of governance is “Takayama Jinya”.

How to enjoy “Takayama Jinya”?

“Takayama Jinya” is the only existing Edo government office in Japan.
Travel with the old town of Takayama and enjoy the time slip.


This is the room where the officials dispatched by Edo government worked.


There was a court that dealt with people’s compliments such as land border disputes and money lending and borrowing.
In other words, it’s a civil court.


This is where criminal cases are handled.
A rugged stone was laid on the feet, and the investigation was carried out on it.


This was used for annual events such as the beginning of the year.
There is a space next to the hall, overlooking the garden that extends behind it.


At that time, Edo government officials usually had a style that provided a living space to live with their family behind the office.
There is a tatami room that welcomes guests, a tea room with only four tatami mats, and a room where women live.


The kitchen is at the back of the office area.
Women made meals for officials and their families.


The storehouse displays historical documents such as ancient documents, pictures, and letters handled by officials at work, which show the history of Takayama from the Edo period to the Meiji period.

Information about “Takayama Jinya”

Admission fee

Open time: 9: 00 ~ 16: 30
Closed days: 12/29, 12/31, 1/1

  • Adult: 430 yen
  • Under high school students: Free

You can apply for a free English guide at the ticket window.
However, please enter at least 2 hours before closing.


It is a 10-minute walk from JR Takayama Station.

You can reach Takayama Station by bus or train from Nagoya.

The bus fare is 2,700 yen one way.
It is 2 hours 30 minutes from the bus stop at Nagoya Station.

The express train fare is 5,500 yen one way.
It is 2 hours 30 minutes one way from JR Nagoya Station.


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