Reproduction of Japan in the 1950s”Takayama-Showakan” | Takayama


I’ve found a spot in Takayama where you can feel the retro atmosphere of Japan!

Its name is “Takayama-Showakan”.
The photogenic space is also expanding, so be sure to go there.

What kind of place?

The Japanese cityscape of the 1950s has been realistically reproduced.
It is a nostalgic space for Japanese people.

It is a popular theme park recently for foreign tourists because it is a space that can only be enjoyed in Japan.

The appeal of “Takayama-Showakan”

The alley with bars is reproduced.


The restaurant of the 1950s is reproduced.
There is also a Coca-Cola vending machine at that time.


There is an old type of bike.

The feature of “Takayama-Showakan” is that you can actually see and touch these exhibits.
You can also take photos across this bike!


In the 1950’s living room, there were “chabudai” and “shogi board”.


There is also a toy corner and a book corner.


Access to “Takayama-Showakan”, opening hours and fees

Introduction of “Takayama-Showakan” access, opening hours and fees.


It is a 15-minute walk from JR Takayama Station.

You can reach Takayama Station by bus or train from Nagoya.

The bus fare is 2,700 yen one way.
It is 2 hours 30 minutes from the bus stop at Nagoya Station.

The express train fare is 5,500 yen one way.
It is 2 hours 30 minutes one way from JR Nagoya Station.

Opening hours and fees

Opening hours: 9: 00-18: 00
Regular holiday: Open all year round


  • adults : 800 yen
  • Middle and high school students : 500 yen
  • 4 years old and over : 300 yen
  • Under 3 years : free


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