Takeshima | Near Nagoya



Do you know Takeshima?
It is about 680m in circumference and about 1.9ha in area.
It is very small island.
Takeshima is designated as a natural monument for the entire island.
The fact that it is about 400m away from the mainland but has a different plant system from that of the mainland is why it was designated as a natural monument.
This time, I will introduce Takeshima!


This is Takeshima!
These people are coming to “Shiohigari”.
“Shiohigari” means taking shellfish at low tide.
“Shiohigari” is held only for a certain period every year.

Go to Takeshima across the bridge. Takeshima is a beautiful dome shape.
Takeshima, where the entire island is within the precincts of a shrine, is also famous as a matchmaking island. It is also popular as a power spot. Takeshima Bridge leading to Takeshima is said to be a matchmaking bridge.

Arrived at Takeshima.
It is the scenery seen from the Takeshima side. Very beutiful.

In Takeshima, there is the Yaotomi Shrine.
It is a very historic shrine built in 1181.

The shrine is located up the stairs.

This is “Yaotomi Shrine”.
Yaotomi Shrine, like other shrines, has amulet, omikuji, and “gosyuin”.
Yamomi Shrine’s Omikuji has Daidaikichi instead of being daikyo, so why not try your luck?

source: 4travel.jp

You can also walk around the island.

At night, Takeshima Bridge and Takeshima are light up.
The night view has a different beauty from the daytime.

There are plenty of tourist facilities and accommodations around Takeshima.
So you can enjoy sightseeing other than Takeshima.
Please come Takeshima!


The time required for access from Nagoya Station is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Take the JR Tokaido Line “Toyohashi” new rapid train, arrive in JR “Gamagori Station” in about 40 minutes.
On foot: Walk about 15 minutes from Gamagori Station.
By bus: Take the Meitetsu bus from Gamagori Station and get off at the “Takeshima Yuen” bus stop.


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