Yabaton | Nagoya


Do you know “Yabaton”?

Yabaton is the most famous Miso Katsu restaurant in Japan.
Miso katsu is a pork cutlet with miso sauce. It is Nagoya’s famous food.
Yabaton was also posted on the Michelin Plate.

This time, I will introduce “Yabaton” !

The atmosphere of the shop

Yabaton Main Store

This is Yabaton main store.

Yabaton Matsuzakaya sakae

This is a photo inside the store. 

Recommend Menus

Loin Tonkatsu set meal

Miso sause is sweet, salty and tasty. (1100 yen)

Waraji Tonkatsu set meal

The set meal using black pork from Kagoshima.
You can be satisfied with plenty of volume. (2400 yen)

Miso Katsu don set meal

Put miso katsu on the rice. It ’s easy to eat. (1200 yen)

Teppan Tonkatsu set meal

Tonkatsu on hot iron plate.
The smell and sound of burning sauce are good. (1700 yen)

Hire Katsu set meal

This is pork fillet tonkatsu. It is easy to eat with less meat fat. (1400 yen)



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